Creating compelling headshots is a deliberate process, but with an element of exploration. The deliberate part is about lighting, backdrops, lens selection and the like. That’s my job. The exploration is for both of us and starts when you step in front of my camera. With my coaching and your collaboration, we can explore for your compelling headshot. 
Everyone has great images in them. The length of our exploration will determine how many we bring out. I offer sessions of varying lengths designed for every need and budget. Individual and team sessions are available.
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Frank O'Leary Photography

From Traditional....

From ‘traditional’ to ‘theatrical’, great headshots come in a range of styles. The style of your headshots will depend on your personal tastes and the intended uses of the images.
In traditional headshots as shown here, outfit, backdrop, lighting and posing lean heavily toward the ‘expected’. And while these headshot components are important, it is expression that really tells the story. 
Expression emanates from the eyes and mouth. In a ‘traditional’ headshot, I like eyes to communicate traits like experience, wisdom, confidence, strength, readiness. And the mouth should communicate approachability – a willingness to converse and to share wisdom. During your session, I will teach you how to communicate these through your expression.

....To Theatrical

As we approach the theatrical end of the style spectrum, the technical rigor remains and the coaching continues. But now the ties come off, the backgrounds vary, the posing is more adventurous, the framing is less confined, and there’s a wider range of expressions. Eyes and mouth get to have a little more fun. 
 Whatever your style and budget, we have a session that’s right for you. Book yours today!

About Location

For your convenience, I generally shoot at your location. I have a completely mobile studio setup. However, if your location is not a good fit for whatever reason, we can shoot at my Denville in-home studio.

How to Prepare

Before your session we will discuss the style of your headshots and I’ll answer any questions you have. In the meantime, here are some general guidelines for how to prepare for your session.

Other Photography

While my focus here is generally on headshots for business, I remain available for family portraits, senior portraits and commercial work. Contact me by phone or email if you want to discuss the possibilities.