What to Wear

Dark, form fitting clothing generally works best, although a crisp, light dress shirt is more than fine. Avoid patterns (especially tight patterns), logos and any lettering. Avoid ‘neon’ colors like bright oranges, purples or pinks.Jewelry is ok, but should not be distracting.

For traditional corporate headshots, classic dress such as suit & tie or a neatly pressed dress shirt generally work well for men.

When in doubt, bring multiple outfits to your session and we’ll work to find the best one(s). 

Physical Appearance

If wearing makeup, less is more. It will be easy to add makeup if needed. Subtraction, not so much. Avoid shiny makeup and overzealous attempts to hide wrinkles. (Wrinkle minimization is my job).

If shaving or grooming facial hair, do so at least an hour prior to your session.

Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your headshot, get a good night sleep the night before, and avoid alcohol the night before your session.